Trayvon Bromell World Champs 100m Bronze

Trayvon Bromell
  • Nationality: USA
  • Place of birth: St. Petersburg, FL, USA
  • DOB: 10th July 1995
  • Coach: Rana Reider
Personal Bests
  • 60m: 6.47
  • 100m: 9.84
  • 200m: 20.03
Career Highlights

2016 Olympic Games 100m finalist
2016 IAAF World Indoor 60m CHAMPION
2015 IAAF World T&F Championships 100m BRONZE
2014 IAAF World Junior T&F Championships 4x100m GOLD
2014 IAAF World Junior T&F Championships 100m SILVER
2014 World Junior 100m Record

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North Florida Invitational, Jacksonville, 100m, 1st, 9.88
USATF Grand Prix, Oregon, 100m, 1st
Tom Jones Invitational, Florida, 200m, 5th
The Florida International, Miramar, 200m, 2nd
World Athletics Indoor Tour, New York, 60m, 1st, 6.50
American Indoor Track League 3, Arkansas, 60m, 2nd
American Indoor Track League 1, Fayetteville, 60m, 1st, 6.48

Back To The Track, Clermont, 100m, 1st, 9.90
Monteverde, 100m, 1st, 10.04
World Athletics Indoor Tour, Boston, 60m, 7th

Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro, 100m, 8th
US Olympic Trials, 100m, 2nd 9.84
Great Manchester City Games, 100m, 2nd
Longhorn Invitational, Texas, 100m, 1st
Baylor Invitational, Texas, 200m, 1st
IAAF World Indoor Championships, Portland, 60m, 1st, 6.47
USATF Indoor Championships, Portland, 60m, 2nd, 6.51
IAAF World Indoor Tour, Boston, 60m, 2nd
Charlie Thomas Invitational, Texas, 200m, 1st
Charlie Thomas Invitational, Texas, 60m, 1st
Rod McCravy Invitational, Kentucky, 60m, 1st, 6.54
Texas A&M Team Invitational, 60m, 1st

IAAF World T&F Championships, Beijing, 100m, 3rd
USATF Championships, Eugene, 100m, 2nd
NCAA Championhips, Eugene, 200m, 3rd (20.03 SF)
NCAA Championships, Eugene, 100m, 2nd (9.84 heat)
Texas Relays, Austin, 100m, 1st

IAAF World Junior T&F Championhips, Eugene, 4x100m, 1st
IAAF World Junior T&F Championships, Eugene, 100m, 2nd
NCAA Championships, Eugene, 100m, 1st, 9.97 WJR
Texas Relays, Austin, 100m, 1st, 10.01

Pan-American Junior Championships, Medellin, 100m, 3rd