Chris Thompson European Medalist

Long Distance
Chris Thompson
  • Nationality: GBR
  • Place of birth: Barrow in Furness, England
  • DOB: 17th April 1981
  • Coach: Alan Storey
Personal Bests
  • 3000m: 7:43.34
  • 5000m: 13:11.51
  • 10,000m: 27:27.36
  • 10 miles: 46:56
  • Half Marathon: 61:00
  • Marathon: 2:11:19
Career Highlights
  • 2017 Great Scottish Run and Great South Run CHAMPION
  • 2017 English 10,000m Championships, GOLD
  • 2016 Great South Run CHAMPION
  • 2010 European T&F Championships, 10,000m, SILVER
  • 2010 British T&F Championships, 5000m, GOLD
  • 2003 European U23 T&F Championships, 5000m, GOLD
  • 2000 European Junior Cross Country Championships, SILVER

“…passionate to run fast & never give up. Trying to ‘Nutshell’ my opinions is not my strong point …”

Chris Thompson
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Great Bristol Run, 10k, 1st
Bath Half Marathon, 1st
The Big Half, London, Half Marathon, 5th

Great South Run, Portsmouth, 10 miles, 46:56
Great Scottish Run, Glasgow, Half Marathon, 1st
European T&F Championships, Berlin, 10,000m, 11th
British Championships & European Trials, Birmingham, 5000m, 3rd
Night of the 10,000m, Highgate, 7th
New York City Half Marathon, 3rd
Ooredoo Half Marathon, Doha, 3rd

San Silvestre, Madrid, 10k, 9th
Manchester Road Race, Connecticut, 4.748 miles, 3rd
Great South Run, Portsmouth, 10 miles, 1st
Great Scottish Run, Glasgow, Half Marathon, 1st
Robin Hood Half Marathon, Nottingham, 1st
Richmond Running Festival, 10km, 1st
English Championships, Stretford, 10,000m, 1st
British Championships and World Trials, Birmingham, 5000m, 6th
Reading Half Marathon, 2nd
Trafford 10k, 1st

San Silvestre, Madrid, 10k, 5th
Manchester Road Race, Connecticut, 4.748 miles, 3rd
Great South Run, Portsmouth, 10 miles, 1st, 47:23
Great Birmingham Run, Half Marathon, 2nd
Great Scottish Run, Glasgow, Half Marathon, 4th, 61:58
Great North Run, South Shields, Half Marathon, 7th
Falmouth, 7 miles, 4th
Ipswich Twilight Races, 5k, 1st
Great Donnington Park 10k, 1st
London Marathon, 16th
Reading Half-Marathon, 3rd

Great Birmingham Run, Half Marathon, 1st
Ipswich Twilight Races, 5k, 3rd

Great Edinburgh 10 miles, 1st
London Marathon, 11th, 2:11:19
Silverstone Half Marathon, 1st
Great Edinburgh Cross Country, 4km, 6th

Great South Run, Portsmouth, 10 miles, 6th
Great Birmingham Run, Half Marathon, 2nd
Great Scottish Run, Glasgow, Half-Marathon, 5th
IAAF Diamond League, London, 3000m, 7th
IAAF Diamond League, Birmingham, 5000m, 7th
Payton Jordan, Stanford, 10,000m, 4th

Great North Run, Newcastle, Half Marathon, 6th, 61:00
IAAF Diamond League, Birmingham, 2 miles, 7th
Olympic Games, 10,000m, 25th
Payton Jordan, Stanford, 5000m, 4th 13:15.21
Oregon Relays, Eugene, 1500m, 3rd
New York Half Marathon, 7th, 61:23
Husky Invitational, 5000m, 1st
Seattle Indoor Meeting, 3000m, 2nd

New York Marathon Dash for the Finish 5k, 1st
Great South Run 10 miles, 4th
IAAF Diamond League, London 5000m, 4th
Manchester 10k, 2nd
Stanford 10k, 4th, 27:27.36
Oregon 3000m, 1st

Commonwealth Games, 5000m, 5th
IAAF Diamond League, London 3000m, 6th
European T&F Championships 5000m, 8th
European T&F Championships, 10,000m, Silver Medallist
European Trials & UK Championships, 5000m, 1st
London 10km, 3rd
Healthy Kidney 10km, NY, 4th
Stanford 10,000m, 6th 27:29.16
Trafford 10k, 1st, 28:00
Edinburgh Cross Country, 7th

Silicon Valley 5k, 3rd
Great South Run, 9th
Milan 5000m, 13:26
Armagh Road Race 5k, 2nd

IAAF Super Grand Prix, London, 2 Miles, 12th
Kassel 5000m, 13:33.81
Loughborough 3000m, 2nd, 7:56.70

European Cross Country Championships, 24th
Nike Run London 10k, 1st
European Cup 5000m, 5th
BMC Solihull 1500m, 3rd
New York 5000m, 13:31.82
BMC Loughborough 3000m, 1st 7:53.67

Nike London 10k, 1st 28:50
IAAF Super Grand Prix, London 5000m, 13:24.60

European U23 Championships, 5000m, 1st
IAAF Super Grand Prix, Gateshead 3000m, 7:51.57
IAAF World Cross Country Championships 4k, 19th

European Junior Cross Country Championships Silver Medallist